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Our Start-Up
This is a simple story, like the "rags to riches" stories you often see on the screen…
Hanson and Cherry are white collars in Shanghai. They like to travel around in vacations.
Ying is teaching kids Chinese in Bangkok, and she speaks Thai language just like a native Thai girl.
It all started in Oct, 2012.
Hanson and Cherry went diving to the Koh Tao Island in Thailand. They met Ying who was also vacationing there.
After a happy day together, the 3 young guys would go to visit a massage on the street. The coconut oil massage and traditional massage rendered them energetic again.
Two months later, a casual chat further increased their interest and love for Thai massage. Ying wanted to promote linguistic, cultural, tourism exchanges between Thailand and China. Hanson wanted to start his own business. Cherry was just crazy for the Thai massage in Koh Tao. The three decided to open a genuine Thai massage store in Shanghai, which hires only Thai masseuse.
In the next six months, they started from a simple financial model and settled everything from operation, technology, buying, inner decoration, marketing and investment.
On July 12, 2013, Orchid Massage opened to its first customer.

The Concept​
Orchid Massage, a Thailand bound heart in Shanghai

Everyone can enjoy Thailand.
Its riches, and its exotica.
Most Thai locals lead an easy life.
Hours sneak by if you stroll into a Thai massage store in a sunny afternoon.
Non-locals are welcomed with warmth.
A soft and sweet "Sawadeeka" greets your arrival.

Love Thailand as it is.
Love its Thai massage, which respects the nature of human growth. Its skills progress over thousands of years, and its materials are all natural.
Open up, comfort and stretch with us.
It’s Orchid Massage, a Thailand bound heart in Shanghai